Monday, October 17, 2005


I feel the warmth of your presence and my flowing tears can’t drown
your joyous welcome for a prodigal come home.
There’s a mountain ridge below me even when I’ve fallen down
and every everlasting reason to go on.

Where I go, you’ve been before me so you know the way ahead,
at its sunrise know the ending of each day;
leading me out of temptation, you supply my daily bread,
and into life you are in truth the living way.

In the midst of my confusion you give order to my life,
in the middle of the night you give a song;
for my thirst you gave me water, for my loneliness a wife,
in the measure of my weakness made me strong.


This song was published in Symphony in 1993 which means that it cuts it as poetry but that doesn't mean that I should presume that anyone could sing it as a hymn. For a start there is its second-last line which is a bit ‘for married men only.’ Maybe a solution would be to make the second verse a chorus? More likely someone else will be able to asset-strip usable lines out of it, in which case it would be good to be informed. The most likely scenario is that nobody will write music for it and it will never be heard. That's maybe why I hardly write songs any more.

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