Monday, March 12, 2007

Preparation for Death

Job 30:16-23

The Pointer to the Point of No Return

It isn't morbid to take out a life assurance policy so that loved ones don't have a financial burden to bear when we die. It might be a bit strange that we call it 'life assurance' when the assurance we are talking about is that we shall assuredly die but we are not wrong to take comfort from the knowledge that all the finances are covered, perhaps even all the arrangements.

Nor is it morbid to think about what is to happen after death. Life is a voyage and while as a small boy I would have wanted to search all over the ship and in manhood take the opportunity to meet interesting people at dinner, near the end of the journey I expect to be more and more interested in the voyage being ended. Here is a thing though, since we don't know when our particular voyage is going to end, sparing a thought for what comes after the journey at any point during the journey is the sensible thing to do.

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